Authentic Products Policy

Just Fones Authentic Products Policy


We believe online shopping is a business of optimism, and in that spirit, we will continue to grow and evolve. We also believe Nigerians deserve to shop online with confidence and peace of mind. In order to achieve that, we have committed to delivering nothing but quality in products and best possible shopping experience-and to improving it every day.


All items offered for sale on are authentic with a manufacturers warranty. Just Fones does NOT sell inauthentic/fake products, including any item(s) that have been manufactured, replicated, refurbished or reproduced without authorisation. All items bearing a company's official brand name or logo must have been lawfully made by, for, or with the consent of that company, otherwise, it is in violation of our Authentic products policy.


If a customer receives an item(s) confirmed to be inauthentic/fake, the customer will be FULLY refunded within 24 hours and the customer also gets to KEEP the item(s), It is our responsibility to source and sell only authentic products. We take online shopping in Nigeria very seriously and this includes product authenticity because we know that our customers trust that they are buying authentic products when they shop on It's our job to provide an online store deserving of trust and this is why we stand behind ALL products sold on our website with this policy.


We encourage customers who believe inauthentic/fake products has been sold to him/her to notify us by emailing or Call 08028881115. We'll investigate the situation and take appropriate action.


Looking for your manufacturer warranty?

Here are three ways to find it:

  • Check your manual or packaging.
    Check your product manual or original packaging, as warranties are usually included there.
  • Search online.
    Use an internet search engine to look up the manufacturer and model number of your product.
  • Contact us.
    Chat with us or call Just Fones at 08028881115 and we'll help you find the right service centre.

NB: Manufacturer warranties are typically good for one year, although the length of time depends on the individual company’s warranty policy.



Technology changes, shopping changes. Our commitment to a happy customer will not!


Thank you for shopping with us and for trusting us!